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25 April 2010 @ 10:32 pm
Mod post;  

Hello people !
Welcome to orchid_sparkles , my own graphics community !
You can find all my previous work at yatta_iconz but it was so sad for me to post there, since it's been almost one year that my friend disappeared. I don't know what is all this matter, but posting there made me sad, so I'm gonna post there again when she'll be back.
For now, I'm gonna post all my graphics over here~

This is a semi-members only community, that means that I'm gonna lock the graphics posts after 24 hours.
After that, feel free to watch or join =]

The rules are pretty simple:

☆ Comments are love
☆ Credit myself (alohaaa ) or orchid_sparkles if taking/using
☆ Textless icons are not bases
☆ No hotlinking

I guess that's all, enjoy~